Defend Marriage Coalition thanks all of you who donated and worked so hard to preserve marriage definition. Of course we are all disturbed by the despicable actions of the Liberal government to force homosexual marriage into the law. BUT in essence marriage has NOT changed. You cannot legislate people’s beliefs and you cannot force their approval. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. You and I still believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. You and I still believe that democracy is something you walk, not something you talk. And we still believe that we have the power to change the powers that be.

The Coalition has suspended its work for now but the four founding organizations have not.
If you would like to help continue the work to restore marriage then please contact one of the organizations listed below. All are here to stay and to work hard to protect and preserve the REAL marriage of man and woman.

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Wedding Loans Canada

Weddings are considered to be one of the happiest times in a couples lives. All of the activities involved are meant to be fun, exciting, eventful and memorable. However, to make all of these things happen at one time, it is important that people factor in the expense that it will cost. Since wedding cost will vary from one couple to another, the budgets can range from very small to quite high. So, for those couples who do not already have the money in the bank, there are other options today that people may take advantage of. Therefore, the couples plans may include the cost of the wedding being covered fully or partially by wedding loans Canada.

That being said, people should make sure that they are reviewing what types of expenses that these loans are meant to take care of well in advance. Some of the more commonly known expenses in a wedding include the following:

Brides Wedding Dress
Virtually everyone who attends a wedding ceremony is interested in what the bride will be wearing. Traditionally, the bride will shop around for that special dress that will fit her perfectly and make her look like a princess for that day. To get the best dress for the occasion, she must be prepared to pay a quite handsome price for even the simplest dress made by any designer. Meaning the bride may decide to use part of the wedding loan to pay for the cost of the dress that she will be wearing on her wedding day. With a loan, she can afford to shop around for the type she prefers and likes the best.

Wedding Reception
After the bride and groom has said their vows, the guests at the wedding will be waiting for the reception. The reception is also another part of the wedding day that can grow quickly in expenses too. From preparing a full course dinner for all of the guests to paying for the overflowing chocolate masterpiece that is the center of attention for everyone to enjoy, these cost will often be taken care of before the wedding begins. For instance, the caters will be looking for payment prior to the activities and the couple can relax better when the tab is completely paid. Specifically, since it will make everyone involved happy to do and provide their very best throughout all of the different wedding day festivities.

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Founding members of the defendMARRIAGE Coalition:

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