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These are the founding members of the defendMARRIAGE Coalition:

     • Catholic Civil Rights League
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     • Campaign Life Coalition
     • Real Women of Canada
Prof Farrow:reject ssm even if law
Tuesday, 12 July 2005

LifeSiteNews.com - June 28, 2005
Professor Urges Canadians Not to Recognize Gay 'Marriage' even if it is 'Law'

MONTREAL (LifeSiteNews.com) - A McGill professor is encouraging Canadians to reject the proposed same-sex "marriage" bill C-38, if passed as expected, as an illegal and thus invalid act.  Douglas Farrow, associate professor of Christian thought at McGill University in Montreal, proposes that Bill C-38 is "illicit legislation, the binding nature of which must be contested," because it contradicts a fundamental rule of law, namely that the change to the legal definition of marriage assumes a "positivist view" of law - one that is not acknowledged by the Charter. The positivist view holds that "by reason of its subjectivist or constructionist approach to morality, it admits few givens, and no firm limits, for political or juridical authority."

Priest's discretionary rights attacked
Tuesday, 12 July 2005
The Ottawa Citizen
Church shuns MP for backing gay marriage: NDP MP's family felt so unwelcome, they stopped attending mass after priest refused him communion
By Shannon Proudfoot

A Catholic MP who was denied communion by his priest for supporting same-sex marriage, says his faith has been used as a "political football" and his young family has stopped attending mass altogether as a result.
Charlie Angus, the New Democratic MP for Timmins-James Bay, says his parish priest, who also heads the campaign against same-sex marriage in his diocese, threatened to limit his privileges at church if he did not toe the church's line on the issue.
An Ottawa perspective:Fight must continue
Tuesday, 12 July 2005

An Ottawa perspective

Our fight for the traditional family must continue

by Mike Jung, Campaign Coordinator, Defend Marriage Campaign

Tues., July 12, 2005


NOW that C-38 is in the Senate, pro-family activists who believe that the battle against Paul Martin's extremist liberal agenda is over need only pick up any of our country's newspapers to realize that our fight has only just begun.  Now that secular extremists have ensured that their anti-family/anti faith agenda has become Liberal policy there's absolutely no doubt that attacks on the traditional family will only intensify. The fact that Paul Martin and the Liberal Party have demonstrated a clear willingness to partner with the "anti-family/anti-faith movement" with both the NDP and Bloc to promote their agenda should only serve to remind us that ultimately, victory can only be achieved if the current government is replaced with a pro-family one.

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Senate closure invoked: After only 2 hours
Monday, 11 July 2005
Montreal Gazette, 2005.07.06
CanWest News Service

The government invoked closure in the Senate yesterday, limiting debate on the same-sex marriage bill after only two hours of speeches from a handful of senators on both sides of the issue.  The move, which means the bill will be sent to the Senate's constitutional and legal affairs committee today after six more hours of debate, infuriated Conservatives and sparked a heated exchange. Tory Senator Anne Cools accused the government of turning Parliament into a "dictatorship."
Anti-marriage politicians will pay
Monday, 11 July 2005
Anti-marriage politicians will pay
David Krayden

Paul Martin was all smug smiles on Tuesday night. He had just won the vote on his anti-marriage Bill C-38, a perverse piece of legislation creating something called "same-sex marriage" and confirming that the Liberal Party leadership has passed beyond the mainstream into social insanity. Martin will pay dearly for his utter disregard for Canadians and complete contempt for true Canadian values. The prime minister has sown the seeds of his own destruction with this bill. It will be harvest time when we kick this corrupt bunch of social re-engineers out.
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