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Coalition Members

These are the founding members of the defendMARRIAGE Coalition:

     • Catholic Civil Rights League
     • Canada Family Action Coalition
     • Campaign Life Coalition
     • Real Women of Canada

Your Member of Parliament needs to hear directly from you.

The only way to influence the outcome of the upcoming vote on redefining marriage is for thousands of Canadians to personally express themselves.

Calling or writing your MP are critically important activities for all pro-marriage voters to undertake. Visiting your MP in small groups can have an even greater impact.

Use the search below to see whether or not your MP supports the anti-marriage Bill C-38.

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The defendMarriage Coalition has done its best to ensure the accuracy of reporting each MP's position on Bill C-38 based on public statements, reports, and past voting history. However, inaccuracies may still be present in our data. Please inform us of any data that you believe may be in error at [email protected]

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